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Musical Theatre

Singing, acting, and dancing; it’s all part of the gig! And this class does them all while blending the three seamlessly. The students study and recreate various scenes and musical numbers from shows of the past and present.

Musical Theatre 1

Musical Theatre 1 is a forty-five minute class for 3-5 year olds that teaches the fundamentals of musical theatre performance incorporating singing, dancing, acting and of course instilling a love of the arts for students through fun!

Musical Theatre 2

In Musical Theatre 2 children begin to perform more developed pieces, focusing on bringing prior knowledge and experience to the class and incorporating singing, acting and dancing. This class is for 6-7 year olds.

Musical Theatre 3

Musical Theatre 3 is an hour long class where students delve deeper into characterization, as well as more elaborate dance and song. The students will also learn more about the art of musical theatre while incorporating technique.

Musical Theatre 4

In Musical Theatre 4 students begin to dive into a more advanced realm of scene study and performance. In Musical Theatre 4 students study on a more individual basis and begin on working on duets, solos, and character development, preparing them for a more professional environment.

Advanced Musical Theatre Performance

(Admission by audition only) Advanced Musical Theatre is a one hour and forty-five minute class that is broken down into segments of scene study, vocal and dance training. In this class students work with an accompanist on a weekly basis to provide a professional experience where they can learn arrangements that best compliment their voice as a soloist in addition to learning choreography and vocals for group performances. This is an advanced class for the serious student that is ready to delve deeper into the technique required for the three disciplines that go into musical theatre: singing, acting and dancing.

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